Ready to make New Creation Church your home church?  Partnership Class is the first step!

 Unlock Your Potential: Partnering with Us for Personal and Spiritual Growth

At New Creation Church, partnership isn't just about affiliating with a church; it's about unlocking your potential and finding fulfillment in your personal and spiritual growth. By becoming a partner, you'll not only contribute to our community but also gain valuable resources and support to enrich your own life. Through our shared values of Go, Grow, Partner, Serve, and Connect, you'll find opportunities to engage meaningfully, grow in faith, and cultivate deep connections with like-minded individuals. Join us and experience the profound impact of partnership on your journey of purpose and fulfillment.

Learn About New Creation Church

Get to know our Senior Pastor, Donnie Bennett.  He will explain what we believe, how we're governed, as well as the mission, vision, and values.  

Take Your Next Steps

Participating in Partnership Class will allow to you know what your next step in following Christ is.  Everyone has a next step!

Lunch & Childcare Provided

A nice lunch is provided, as well as free childcare.  We want to ensure you get the most out of this time.

Get Plugged In

We believe that becoming a Partner with New Creation Church's mission will open up godly relationships and further your walk with Christ.  

Become a Partner Today!